Sea Carriage

Hansa Co. is ready to handle the shipping orders with unlimited tonnage volumes of diverse cargo materials including petroleum products, cellulose materials, construction materials, foodstuffs, perishable items, hazardous materials, metal products, etc. Despite its young age, Hansa Co. thanks to its high productivity of staff and intelligent management has been capable of grabbing the opportunities of and Logistics industry markets across regional and international arena. In the first year of establishment, Hansa Co. achieved a business record of 50000 Containers marine shipment only with IRISL and considerable amounts of In-land and air-freight cargo transportation of Import-export and cross-trade projects in-between the five continents and Iran. We also have been awarded as EVERGREEN platinum customer as the best customer with biggest volume with EVERGREEN in Iran in 2016. The above figure is continually increasing from the day we have strated, the details of which could be available upon request. Considering shipping charges effect on Finished costs, made this Field a very important place in developing countries and in current international markets with high competition absorbs attentions of lousiness. Owners Hansa nav darya shipping agency services co. HANSA with has been established in 2016 counting on the outstanding knowledge and experience of its team to offer services in the field of international transportation and logistics. From the very beginning HANSA became one of the best IRISL representatives for offering import and export container shipment and with Combining this services with other transportation and logistics services offered a wide range of premium service to its customers. In addition of IRISL, HANSA also established a very good relation and mutual cooperation with other main carriers and shipping lines and to bring about outstanding facilities for its customers.